Israel Travels: Captured Moments

    HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE! Thought I'd take you back in time into my day in Jerusalem during Tel Aviv Fashion Week! I'm am so happy that I had my camera on hand to capture these unforgettable moments. Just looking at them allows me to revisit them in my head so clearly. There in the last photo was our tour guide, a real Israeli. He was super sweet and did an amazing job...handling about 40 editors at once is not easy! We made our way to the Church of the Holy. The place was breathtakingly beautiful. The energy was so powerful, it's almost hard to explain, but I hope my photos do it justice. Candles were lit, prayers were was a relaxing, completely surreal moment. We made our way through the caves, to where the tombs lay. The architecture and decor were stunning. Along the way, we also climbed up an extremely narrow staircase to a high tower overlooking the entire city. Being in such a tight space was crazy, but I'm happy I made it up for the view was sooo wonderful and definitely worth the hike (and me almost falling down the stairs!) Then it gets more good friend Gabi and I are not much ones to follow the tour and so we ventured out a bit on our own. We popped into a wine shop and made friends with the owner. He served up some really amazing dark chocolate Israeli wine (IT WAS SOO GOOD...and strong haha). We laughed our heads off being the tipsy little lightweights that we are, sharing stories about our travels. Realizing we have escaped our tour guide for over an hour, we made our way to the Western Wall. The view of the wall was amazing...there were birthday parties, balloons, people everywhere. There, I was given a red ribbon to tie around my wrist. Apparently it protects you and keeps the evil away (I still have one tied to my purse). The Western Wall was like nothing I've ever seen before. To be where the stories of the Bible began was amazing. The Western Wall was praying to the left, women to the right. I finally walked up to it and there people were resting their heads against it, was very emotional, but all in all, a beautiful experience. I also really got to dig deep into photography my entire wasn't easy working with all the different lighting, but with the way they came out, I think I did something right!

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