Beach Cruising down Venice

    (Hallelu blouse, Raven Denim jeans, Dear Fieldbinder boots)

    Can you believe these photos were taken just a few days December? Yes, it feels like summer in LA and I couldn't be more delighted. Getting down and dirty by the beach is one of my favorite things to do. Wiping my red lipstick off on my wrist and rolling up my sleeves, I jumped back on my baby blue cruiser for a ride down the Venice Beach boardwalk. This gorgeous Italian bike has been sitting in my garage these past few months, dying for a breath of salty beach air! Taking this beauty out for a spin down the coast felt amazing. Only until I moved to New York have I really begun to appreciate the glory west coast sun brings to my skin. I live for the heat! For this early morning out with my sister Dylana, I kept things super light and simple. The summer color combination of my polka-dot sheer blouse and coral colored jeans easily lifted my mood. With a little sand in my boots, I couldn't have been more in the free-spirited Cali groooooove.

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