Hectic Week Snapshots

    (Storets white blazer, Vintage coral blazer, Calista silk tank)

    This week has been crazy! Here is just a post of random snapshots taken throughout the week. I've constantly been on the go... in between meetings, fittings, and shoots. Because I've been so busy, I've been leaning towards extreeemely simple looks. Blazers, silky tops, and skinny jeans. Clean, classic lines are my go-to look when there is barely any time to think about what to wear. I have been working on a few amazing projects this past week and I cannot wait to share some behind the scenes images with you! Stay tuned!! Not only have I been enjoying working with so many awesome people, I am LOVING the gorgeous weather we are having. It's getting really warm and I'm stoked that the weekend is finally here. We are so spoiled here in southern California! Excited to jump into a small Spring dress and keep the coats at home! Just one more fitting tomorrow morning and then I'm free to enjoy my weekend, soaking in the sunshine! Have a great weekend everyone!

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