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    Top: Madewell, Shorts: Vintage Versace, Booties: Stefane Kelian

    These shorts are a little DIY! I just snipped these old Versace mens jeans into the perfect black high waisted shorts. I cannot get enough of high waisted denim shorts! Love them to death. Topped them off with a wool/cashmere crop top! I like how when I stretch my arms out, it creates a perfect rectangle! A simple sweater with a really cool shape. Now I have to get a bunch of stuff done around the house before my 5 week trip to Asia. I feel like I have seen everything and done everything there is to do here in LA. I am going to miss the comfort of my own home, but I'm super excited to see so many new intersting things and eat really exotic foods! Of course I will be documenting it all on here!

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