Ocean Avenue

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    Sweater: Ecote, Leggings: Forever 21, Hat: H&M, Boots: Cole Haan, Bag: Vintage

    I just bought this huge, cuddly sweater today and decided to throw it on over my top. I was looking for one like this forever. It's perfect for a chilly night out on the town. The weather was absolutely perfect, started to get nice and overcast at night, perfect for a stroll down Ocean Avenue. Spent my afternoon shopping and grabbing a sweet treat at Diddy Reese (ice cream cookie sandwich, best thing ever!)

    Oh and a friend of mine was driving down Beverly Boulevard, by the Beverly Center, and saw me on this huge Billboard for Joe's Jeans!! So I had to drive by and stop to take a quick snapshot of it. How cool is this? I absolutely love how they made it into a polaroid collage! There I am in the black floppy hat! :)

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    A perfect way to end my week. Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for all the sweet comments, I do read them all and try to respond when I can! :)

    xoxo, Natalie

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